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Challenge! Change Dreams into Reality

2017 was the year of the largest variation. My wife and I were a normal working couple with a child who is an elementary student. The warning signals came on the health of my wife who had worked at the company silently.

Two faints and one surgery, I felt a sense of anxiety that it could become serious, so my wife and I made an important decision in a lifetime.


"Yes, let's put it for a while, look back, empty, and fill the new energy!" 


We were confident that we had lived enthusiastically more than anyone until that time, so we decided to put it everything to head farther in the future. And, we went on a trip around the world to make valuable memories with family and have the time to charge for the future.


5 oceans, 6 continents, 37 countries, 120 cities!

I went around all over the world with my family for 7 months. 

For my son who has a dream to be an automobile designer in the future, we visited the most famous automobile companies in the world, and, we invited our parents to Canada and USA at the late of the trip and three generations of our family went a trip together. 

Also, I arranged from time to time the experiences and feelings from the sales field for the last 16 years during the period of the travel around the world, and wrote the book <Sales Fundamentals> and published it after coming back from the trip. In addition, I will publish a book related to my family's around-the-world trip. 

In 2019, I put in a comma in the first half of life with the travel around the world, and am dreaming about the heart-beating second half.

The establishment of DOOR2GLOBAL is the starting point of a new challenge for me. I will stretch out to change the life of people joining with me through successful business.

Sehwan(Sean)  Kang


  • Founder and CEO, Door2Global 

  • MDRT Life Memebr(16 years)

  • FMR) Agency Manager, MetLife Korea

  • FMR) Sales Manager, Prudential Korea

  • FMR) Financial Consultant(Life Planner), Prudential Korea

  • FMR) Committee Chair, International Committee, MDRT Korea

  • FMR) Semiconductor Engineer, Applied Materials  

  • MDRT Annual Meeting Speech(2013 Anaheim, 2016 Vancouver)

  • MDRT international Committee(2008~2015)

  • T Life member in Korea (2013)



  • MDRT Annual Meeting Speech(2013 Anaheim, 2016 Vancouver)

  • MDRT international Committee(2008~2015)

  • Yongest MDRT Life member of Korea(2013)

  • About 1500 new contracts, about 100 lectures as an internal lecturer or in corporations or organization

  • Holding the company record of new employees recruiting in Prudential SM(attained the top 10 in 6 months after the team foundation)

  • Attainment of the top 3 in the enterprise of the annual awards for the branches in 2 years after the foundation of MetLife branch(growth from 4 agent people to 45 agents)


 Writing Book : 

  • <Sales Fundamentals>, Nov. 2018, Barunbooks.

  • <Travel around the world of John's family for 7month>, 2019, Osung Media                 

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