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An exciting story of John's family about traveling around the World for 7 Months
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Is it the cost for my works without saving taking care of myself?

The warning signals came on my health.

I went through repeated faints...

In the morning of one day in the early winter at the last year, 


"Mom, what is the most valuable thing for you?"                       

"John, of course, it's you. You are the most valuable thing in the world."

Then, he stopped moving and told me decisively while looking at my eyes.

"No, mom. It should be yourself that is the most valuable for you. You have to think of yourself as the most valuable thing." and I and father will be happy."

My husband and I were worried about my health and began to talk about "stop".

We began to talk about the meaning of our family at a lot of nights. To work pleasantly and happily for a longer period in the future, we decided to stop now for a while and stay together with "family" which is the most important thing for us.

We were in early and middle of the forties, John was twelve years old.


Because if John enters in middle and high school when time goes by, we will have less time to stay together, if we are in middle and late of the forties when time goes by, it will be more difficult to change our careers, and if we are in fifty and sixty when time goes by, our strength will not be enough, we decided to put down the career in company and to go on a family trip around the world for seven

months even though it was a really hard decision.           


- from the story of the traveling around the world of John's family -

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