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​세일즈 펀더멘탈

Sales Fundamentals
​A must-read for beginning sales in financial and insurance business!

There is a lot of books about the successes in sales, but a book which arranges the must-know contents of a normal person who entered in sales and has grown as a successful salesperson is unusual.

≪Sales Fundamentals≫ is a masterpiece of sales that the author arranged and compiled various experiences and know-how that he built in the sales field of financial and insurance business on the inspirations that he gained from all over the world while he was traveling around the world with his family for 210 days since September 2017.

The key contents which are necessary for all new salespersons from the beginning and to success regardless of the area other than sales are arranged in the book in a systematic way. It will be helpful to whom entered in sales field and readers who want to do well in sales.

Table of Contents


  • Types of sales and change of sales patterns of each generation

  • Trend of financial and insurance business of each generation

  • Am I an appropriate people for sales?

  • Wait for timing while opening the door of opportunity

       (Arnold Schwarzenegger's Story)

  • Courage vs Prejudice


  • Mindset to start a new work

  • Professional Salesperson and Conviction

  • CEO Mindset

  • Meaning of Insurance? Life and Insurance

  • Meaning of Insurance Sales

  • Do sales same as farming

  • Conversion Value for Success vs Success Conversion Ability

  • Motivation in Sales(Approach vs Avoidance)

  • Prospecting new clients

  • Referral and  the case of prospecting by referral)

  • Closing vs Opening

  • Objection Handling

  • Avoid? vs Confront? 

  • Temperature of boiling point according to the sales capability

  • Sales Meta-Recognition

  • Dead-Point in Sales

  • Baseball vs Financial and Insurance Business

  • A professor story(The beneficiary story of death benefit)

  • Buzzer Beater and Closing the deal

  • Nuance exists in sales

  • Sales Alignment

  • Peak End Rule in Sales 

  • Solomon Hicks (Story of Success)

  • Laptiome

  • Growth together with MDRT 


  • Understanding and prospect of investment environment(real estate/ deposit and installment savings/stock market

  • Cost Average Effect and Misunderstanding about variable insurance

  • Effect of compound interest and 72 rule

  • Life Cycle Curve and Understanding about required funds in l

  • Mortality Protection Gap 

  • Life Cycle and Risk Management in Lifetime

  • The theory of decreasing Responsibility and the required coverage amount in lifetime 

  • Misunderstanding about whole life insurance

  • Manual of whole life insurance

  • Korea that becomes tough because of aging

  • Utilization of annuity presentation in practice

  • Success Equation to Closing

  • Sales Placebo & Nocebo

  • APPEAL(Advertising Appeal vs Sales Appeal)

  • Add-On Sales 

  • Ben Franklin effect and Appropriateness of Referral

  • Rapport Skills and Ice Breaking Skills

  • Sales Conversation Skills


  • Sales Balance Bicycle(SBB) 

  • Mental Rehearsal and Absolutely Positive Thinking 

  • Competency vs Capability 

  • Success Curve and Growing Pain

  • Two types of people who will success

  • Sales Outcome and Undulation

  • Success is where preparation and opportunity meet 

  • Work types of salesperson(Farmer/Hunter/Utility Player) 


  •  Vision and prospect of financial and insurance business


Sehwan(Sean) Kang has been a great friend and valuable resource for me. Working together on the many committee meetings have given me a keen insight into the person and member he has become. In reviewing the contents of the book, I find that he shared all that he knows and has experienced through his worldwide travels and his local implantation of the skills we use in this profession. I am proud to call Sehwan(Sean) a friend and know that after reading this book, you too will find it a valuable resource to take you to the next level in this magnificent profession we call life insurance. All the Best!


_Brian D. Heckert, CLU, ChFC / 2016 MDRT President
The book is a valuable book containing the author's successful know-how and philosophy of sales. It has the key contents which are necessary for financial consultants to carry out their works

_Sohn, Byoung Ok(The former President of Prudential Korea)

The author is an expert who has experienced the MDRT Honor Roll member (15 years) and sales manager, branch manager and is familiar with sales of financial insurance. The book is closely reflecting the successful sales experiences of the author and experiences to educate juniors successfully as a manager.

_Kim, Seong Hwan(CAO of MetLife Korea, The Author of book≪READY≫)

Infused with wisdom, "Sales Fundamentals" is a tool to launch new salesperson and sharpen experienced ones. Super coach Sehwan(Sean) Kang takes the mystery out of navigating the business of selling life insurance and offers his readers a comprehensive and practical path to success.


_Solomon Hicks / CEO, Solomon Hicks Financial
I read it almost at one go. It is not a successful salesperson's experience which was published in the market in all that time. It is a must-read for freshers who enter insurance field because sensitive inquiry skills, intelligent sincerity, a number of cases that he has experienced in the field for 15 years as an insurance sales specialist merged in the book. The deep affection for settlement and success of insurance worker and further development of the insurance business comes out of the book.


_Kim, Jung Un(CEO, InHR Consulting)
"Knowing Sehwan(Sean)'s passion and discipline for his work, his dedication to his family and his life experiences, I am certain his ideas will help any young advisor achieve success in our business." 

_James MeEvoy, CLU, ChFC / Managing Director

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